Nokia 2220s LCD Screen Display Solution

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This solution  might possibly help fix and repair Nokia 2220 slide with an LCD screen display problem.

If encountered troubleshooting display problem on Nokia 2220 slider like blue screen, white screen, blank or empty screen displays.You must first try to install a new replacement LCD screen module of Nokia 2220 slider
and also try to restore or update the flash firmware.

If the above procedures does not fix the display problem on Nokia 2220. Refer to the solution below for it shows a quick guide to find certain components on Nokia 2020s that might cause the problem.
Nokia 2220s slide LCD Screen Display Problem Solution
nokia 2020s display jumper ways solution tracks

Check the pin connector assembly and ensure to clean it as well.
Check the four 100 ohms display filter resistors including the LCD supply voltage and trace the connection tracks to the LCD pin connector. Replace the damaged resistor or mend to reconnect if there is an open line paths.

There are some factors of display problem issues is caused by a faulty or damaged processor chip, reworking or replacing it is the only option to solved the LCD screen display problem on Nokia 2220s slide.

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