Nokia E63 Keypad Problem Solution

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This is the Nokia E63 Solution for Not working or keypad function problem solution. The following solution below shows the connection line paths of the keypad flex matrix and also the two keypad ESD filter IC for easy troubleshooting procedures.

To fix a not working keypad, you may first try to restore or flash update to any latest  device flash firmware available. And you may then do a hardware check up and replacement if the firmware flash update doesn't fix the problem.

First check the keypad flex matrix assembly for possible damaged, and then replace it if found so. The layout below shows the connection of each certain keys and its divided into groups of columns and rows for easy tracing if there is only one or two keys that doesn't work.

nokia e63 Full keypad matrix jumper solution
If after replacing or installing a new keypad matrix does not fix the problem or confirmed that the its still okay, you may then try to replace the keypad filter IC one at a time.

Nokia E63 Keypad Filter IC Jumper Ways Solution
nokia e63 keypad glass crystal filter IC jumper ways tracks
The solution above shows the connection line paths of the Keypad filter IC which can be used for tracing possible cut-off or open line paths, for further troubleshooting especially when after replacing the two filter IC does not fix the problem.
If the above procedures doesn't help, there is a possibility  that the problem lies on  a faulty CPU IC.
Only reworking or replacing it might only fix  your Nokia E63 keypad function failure problem.

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